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E-Store Manage

$ 999,99

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Online store management service

Amein Online allows you to allocate an entire team with experience and efficiency in managing online stores via the WordPress platform and other marketing platforms. You can rely on Amin Online in your aspirations and goals of e-commerce and achieve positive results with profits, God willing.

The task of the work team to manage your online store efficiently:

      • Prepare your E-Store for marketing.
      • Continuously review and update products.
      • Prepare professional marketing content for your store.
      • Coordination with the website designer to implement the necessary designs for advertising.
      • Oversee and implement all marketing campaigns for your store.
      • Constant interest in increasing sales.
      • Monitor traffic and sales on your store.
      • Verify and track sold orders until delivery to the customer is complete.
      • Track the store’s sales performance and profitability goals.
      • Preparing a comprehensive monthly report on the store’s movement and submitting it to the administrator.

Attention :

      • The price of the service for one month is automatically renewed based on your wish.


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