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Basic SEO

$ 199,99

To Top The Search Engines

Basic SEO Package Specifications:

      • Comprehensive technical analysis of the site
      • Redirect internal links and broken links
      • External link analysis
      • Get rid of malicious links
      • Duplicate content analysis
      • Create a sitemap.xml file
      • txt file optimization
      • Website Content Configuration (5) Pages
      • Search for (3) keywords and locate them
      • (1) Practical report on a potential competitor
      • (4) Signals in real locations with high authority
      • (2) External link on directories, blogs and forums

Service delivery time:

      • From 10 – 20 days.

 Service life:

      • One-time extended service.
      • There are no additional costs.
Important notice:
      • Usually, positive results come to the fore in search engines over a period of 3-6 months.
      • Due to our experience in this field, positive results may appear within a few days of work, God willing.


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