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Eng. Amin Mehalawy

It can be said that (Amein Online) is not just a website like the rest of the widespread websites in this era, and it is difficult for you to determine the identity of the vast majority of them and what those sites target. The development of modern technology and the multiplicity of YouTube channels and various means of communication have contributed to a large and effective role in learning, transferring and using that technology in one way or another.

This matter undoubtedly has become a double-edged sword, dividing the educated and those taking modern technology methods into several sections. From my point of view, the bulk of them, especially those affiliated with our Arab world, did not make good use of that. Bearing in mind that there is another, larger section that does not possess the knowledge or the culture that qualifies it even for how to sign up for a Facebook page or deal with a modern phone.

In continuation to the multiplicity of these departments, there is another department that has the ability to learn and understand everything that is new from what technology science offers us on an accelerated daily basis, but it did not seek to exploit its capabilities to keep pace with this matter.

The matter may be too long to explain and elaborate on. I ask you to excuse me in that introduction in order to present the idea of ​​establishing this website and the purpose behind it.

As for the idea of ​​(Amein Online), it is based on an educational and humanitarian principle in the first place, which is to direct the audience and visitors of this site and draw their attention to the importance of exploiting the available opportunities. Here we see, as do many, that the opportunities that could have been seized in the past have become very scarce in this time.

An example of this: obtaining a traditional job or company work or a project that requires high spending and huge money that was in the past likely to succeed with acceptable results. But now it is difficult as a result of the frequent and rapid transformation, especially in the last two decades of this century, and the dependence of many on establishing their businesses and projects on the Internet.

Here we present (Amein Online) as a business model that can guide many, especially young people, to move towards exploiting their ambitions and inspiring ideas for a better future, which they cannot achieve. Perhaps the most important reason for this is the deterioration of the economic, educational and educational conditions in general, and the preoccupation of the head of the family and the mother in providing the livelihood of their children more than their interest in guiding them towards what will benefit them in terms of science and the advancement of technology.

The next principle for the idea of ​​creating a website (Amein Online) is, of course, a material principle in order to open a door to halal livelihood and earn abundant money that achieves a decent living and a sense of success and most importantly, a sense of self-realization. If we refer in this principle to earning abundant money, then it is an intentional indication that expresses our direction and sincere wishes that God alone knows for our audience and our honorable visitors to follow our example in order to obtain abundant and great money, God willing.

We invite you to take advantage of scientific and technological progress and move towards creating a professional website that translates your plans of ideas and projects. Then link this site to all social media pages if possible. Then develop the necessary marketing plans in order to promote and spread your site on the Internet. Thus, acquiring a huge amount of visitors and potential customers and dealing with them professionally in order to provide an excellent service that brings you success and profits.

As for our invitation to those who already have existing websites and did not find in them what they expected of profits or success, we are ready to develop those websites and treat weaknesses and turn them into strengths that achieve what is required, God willing.

We do not claim that we are better than others who run such sites, or that we have more professional and practical tools. But we have what is most important, which is the sincere intention with a lot of experience and skill in our field of work to deal with you and gain your satisfaction. We will do our best to help you achieve your goals and dreams, and thus achieve the material profits that everyone seeks to achieve a bright future and a decent life, God willing.

With great respect and appreciation to all,,,

Amin Mahlawy

Executive Director

Amein Online Website

The United Arab Emirates

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