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Frequently Asked Question

Amein Online is a company specialized in creating and designing websites with solutions and services for companies, individuals, merchants and start-ups.

This is in addition to e-marketing operations, marketing content industry, and publicizing websites in all scientific and professional ways and methods.

Amein Online has a professional team with many years of experience and competence in creating and equipping websites and online stores in a manner that suits your customers and target audience.

This is in addition to the interest and focus on achieving success and thus achieving profits, God willing.

Amein Online offers its customers many, many important electronic services that are difficult to enumerate. Therefore, we remind our visitors and customers of the need to communicate with us to discuss their requests and reach an agreement to implement them as fully as possible. Some of our electronic and marketing services can be listed as follows:

  • Website design for companies, individuals and merchants.
  • Designing electronic stores in all its forms.
  • E-marketing services for various websites, stores and social media platforms.
  • Configure and publish search engines to get the first results.
  • Multiple professional SEO services for websites and e-stores.
  • Create creative designs for social media platforms.
  • Writing creative content on social media platforms.
  • Packages for managing and creating content on social media platforms.
  • Designing commercial and visual identity for companies, institutions and individuals.
  • Create advertising image designs for social media platforms.
  • Profile and portfolio design for individuals and companies.
  • Design images of products and services for your online store.
  • Create e-mail and e-mails for your company and your employees.
  • Various services for business development and e-marketing.

Simply put, a web page is that material that can be viewed in the viewing area of ​​Internet browsers (computer screen, phone or tablet).

The length of the web page is also important. It is better to try to keep the pages short and divide the long pages into two or more pages.

If one page is necessary, the content should be desirable and divided homogeneously and in different sections to attract the attention and stay of the visitor as long as possible on your site.

It is important that these decisions are taken in line with the design process of the site, or more precisely, the completeness and consistency of the form with the content.

In terms of content, maintaining a balance between animation, images and text is required to deliver the right message to your customers. All of these things ensure the ease of use of the site and thus the ease of searching for the site in different search engines as well.

Your cooperation with us in providing us with examples of sites that you think are close to what you are trying to achieve, is very important to make us understand what you want easily and thus work to achieve your request in the best possible way.

If you do not have examples close to the design you want, here you can browse any other sites close to what you need that contain the same activity or design that you wish. Our web designers have the multiple experiences to close that gap to your satisfaction.

It depends on the amount of full content you provide. Knowing that every website for any organization or company on the Internet basically needs an “About Us” page in order for your site visitor to know your company or organization and the business and products you offer.

As for the rest of the pages, it depends on the type of designs and works that it aims to achieve, whether they are services, products, or any activity. We strongly advise, as a rule of thumb, to avoid confusing your visitors by posting too much information on a single page.

A successful and attractive website in order to produce good results and more visitors requires dividing the information into understandable paragraphs and pages with attractive designs and expressive content.

The duration of time for implementing any project for clients in general depends on the size of the site, design and content, and if it needs programming in a certain way. In any case, we assure you that we are committed to delivering the complete work on time.

But if you have a specific date to implement a project and you are requested to quickly prepare its website, we will work with every effort to deliver the website as soon as possible.

Knowing that there are some negative factors that may affect the speed of delivery of the site, for example, the delay of the client in sending the content of the site and the required images, text, site models, etc.

In the event that you encounter any problems related to the sites that we have provided to you; we guarantee to provide you with assistance and assistance if you need any modifications or additions to your site.

Add to that, the ability to host your website and provide endless numbers of email that you need, as well as general and comprehensive statistics about the site and domain name registration, which means providing an integrated service under one roof and simplifying things completely.

We affirm this very strongly. The idea of the Amein Online website was based on a set of principles, including helping young people and standing with them, especially those who do not have the ability to work through the Internet for one reason or another.

Even if there is no ability to understand modern technology and the work of websites. We have plans and ideas that guarantee young people to work hard through a website project specially equipped for them.

We welcome communication with ambitious young people who are willing to work hard and achieve their dreams of providing an excellent job opportunity and making profits, God willing.

Certainly, we provide job opportunities for young people in one way or another through successful e-marketing, which will generate the money they dream of. It is only required to communicate with Amin Online to arrange the order and start working immediately.

We assure that all sites that we design are fully compatible and can be configured with engines if we agree to do this work. Taking into account re-evaluating your website from time to time to ensure that the site keeps pace with the changes of rules and algorithms of global search engines, especially the famous search engine Google.

We do not follow this method in dealing with our customers and instead we determine and discuss all the details and requirements of your website and then the appropriate pricing on this basis.

After agreeing to the agreed price, we will be fully committed to that price. Otherwise, if you change what has been agreed upon during or after the completion of the design process, or if you wish to modify or add other components that you deem necessary for your site.

In this case, we will cooperate with you to accomplish the required and at reduced costs. It must be taken into account that we do not ask for an increase without realistic reasons or outside the scope of the prior agreement.

In the event that the customer requests that we change the design, this means a new agreement that will be made with the written consent of the customer, and therefore there will be no unexpected surprises.

It depends on how much information you want to display on your website. If you own many products or services, it may be beneficial to incorporate a database into your website design.

However we will discuss this in detail with you, and if there is an urgent need to integrate a database with the site, we will explain to you the details and how we do this work.

In all cases, we can design your website according to your desire and need.

  • Unfortunately, there is no possibility of that, the modification is made to the work only during the time of its implementation and before it is finally delivered to the customer. The times of modification to the work are determined according to the type of service chosen by communicating with the Amin Online website through the announced and published means of communication on the site.
  • In order not to confuse matters, Amin Online requests its customers to kindly review the terms of service published on the site. With a review of the time of implementation and delivery of the work shown in all the services provided and agreed upon between the client and Amin Online in advance.

Yes, absolutely, and this is only in one case, which is the failure of the Amein Online team to start implementing your request or procrastinating in delivering the work. or did not implement the service in the required manner, or the work contained a clear violation of the standards and values of the community, or objectionable content.

Otherwise, the customer is not entitled to a refund as long as the work team performs its work properly and as required.

That’s for sure, we can do such sites are called e-commerce sites, those that allow visitors to buy products easily. We at Amein Online have built many successful e-commerce websites.

We will offer you many different options for effective and affordable e-commerce solutions.

  • Yes, we have that service. Upon your request, we will modify and develop the appropriate site for your site at the best possible price to give the best results.
  • If your website does not have a CMS or if you cannot handle HTML, we can update your site at a very reasonable cost.
  • Content Management System (CMS) is an Internet application that is used by professional or even non-specialist technicians and gives you the ability to create, edit, manage and publish many materials such as texts, images, videos, documents … etc.
  • This is in multiple forms and formats on your website without the need for any additional software.
  • Yes, this service is available to us. We can redesign your website while maintaining the overall style of the website. Or even completely re-design and change the style to your liking and the general taste of the design.
  • We can also re-design the site and provide the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technologies to ensure that it continues to be strong and fully useful.
  • This is a very important matter, on the basis of which your site is defined for the most used search engines, perhaps the most famous of which is Google.
  • Of course, that work will be for a fee to be agreed upon.
  • Knowing that the process of identifying your site to search engines does not necessarily mean that your site will receive a high ranking immediately.
  • As reaching the first ranks in searches on these engines requires continuous work to lay the important basics for content compatibility with the requirements of search engines, for example, choosing the words related to the content of your website.
  • It is worth noting that Amein Online has extensive experience in this field, where the latest technologies are used for the optimization of search engines (SEO) to ensure a high ranking of your site on famous search engines such as Google.
  • Yes, definitely. Amein Online can provide you with any number of e-mail to use or as you wish. This is in addition to the ability to provide the service of redirecting incoming email to your site to any other email.
  • This helps you to access your email from anywhere in the world without the need for Outlook or any other program.
  • Yes sure. Where the web hosting companies on the Internet provide the necessary space to upload the content of your site.
  • This is in addition to providing services to connect your website to the Internet permanently and continuously without interruption.
  • Amein Online will provide this service for a very reasonable annual fee.

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